Vista Solar Solutions is a solar installation company based in Lakewood, USA. They provide residential and commercial solar installation services to clients throughout the region. In order to increase their online presence and generate more leads, they approached our company for a website redesign.

When Vista Solar Solutions came to us, they were facing several challenges with their existing website. Their site was outdated and difficult to navigate, which was causing potential customers to leave before completing a lead form. Additionally, the website was not optimized for search engines, which was limiting their online visibility.

To address these challenges, our team began by conducting a thorough analysis of Vista Solar Solutions’ current website and online presence. We identified key areas for improvement, such as the need for a modern, responsive design and a user-friendly navigation structure.

We worked closely with Vista Solar Solutions to create a design concept that aligned with their brand and messaging. Our team then developed the website using the latest web technologies, including a custom WordPress theme and plugins to optimize the site for search engines.

After launching the new website, Vista Solar Solutions saw a significant increase in traffic and user engagement. In the first month alone, they saw a 25% increase in website visitors and a 20% increase in leads generated through the site. Additionally, the site’s improved navigation structure and user experience led to a 15% increase in time spent on the site.

Through our redesign of Vista Solar Solutions’ website, our company was able to help them overcome the challenges they faced with their previous site. The new site not only improved its online visibility but also provided a better user experience for potential customers. Overall, the project was a success and we were able to provide tangible value to Vista Solar Solutions through our website design and development expertise.